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Turning Your Business Around

We can help you. The chances are you’re a company director of an SME who is professional and experienced. But you’ve never had to attempt a business turnaround before.

You’ve possibly already been confused by talk of time-to-pay arrangements, CVAs, liquidation buy-outs and even pre-packs – as if more Ikea furniture could possibly help! But we are here to help cut through the jargon, in a friendly and direct way.


We understand that you’re almost certainly stressed and worried and feel that time is against you. You do have options open to you, and we can take you through those options and help with company recovery. We’ve turned around a lot of businesses already.


What are you letting yourself in for?

Simply pick up the phone and call us or send us an email or Tweet. Obviously our first chat is totally free and confidential and we can get a rough outline of your situation. If we feel we can offer timely assistance we will then come to see you for an hour-long appraisal. Again, this doesn’t cost you anything.

Many clients have found even this stage helpful as it gives them a chance to talk openly to someone who is a company turnaround expert, and who is positive, non-judgemental and committed to helping both the business and your key personnel at once. Someone who is instantly on your side.

Moving on, further steps will be by agreement and will be based on a transparent fee basis. We don’t have swanky London offices that you have to pay for, but we do have the experience, skills and judgement to help. You’re not on your own.
As an introduction, we’ve outlined the major options open to you on the following pages.


Call us when you have a moment to talk on: 0800 158 5240.