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Company Turnaround Options

Times are tough aren’t they? In the 15 years or so that Tim and his team has been helping companies we’ve never seen it tougher. But we’ve already helped over one hundred companies recover so there’s every chance we can help your business to recover as well.

We’re not interested in competing with bucket-shops who will promise to clear all your debts in one go or claim to help you avoid all your directors’ responsibilities. We will act professionally, safely and legally at all times, giving you the peace of mind you need.

We can work closely with you or even on your behalf in dealing with banks, creditors, suppliers and anyone else who may be affected by your company’s predicament. There are various solutions open to you but the main ones are a CVA (often the most appropriate route), a CVL (Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation), or administration (often referred to as a pre-pack). Other alternatives include entering into more informal negotiations with your funders and creditors.