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Over the past five years we have often been asked to act as a non-executive director for a number of our clients.


It is now all too easy as a Managing Director or CEO (who is more often than not also the major shareholder), of a rapidly growing private company to become totally immersed in day to day operations.

This makes it:
1. Difficult for the CEO to be able to plan future company strategy
2. Difficult for him or her to deal objectively with staff problems
3. Difficult to keep an eye on relevant developments in legislation, general business practice and funding options. And, most importantly, often a CEO has nobody to talk through the pros and cons of an important decision that he or she has to make affecting the business.

A non-executive director can make a crucial difference in all of the above scenarios.

Non-executives don’t have to be expensive, so long as they are used wisely and in a structured manner. We undertake non-executive assignments ranging from half a day a month to four days a month. If our services are required urgently, we guarantee to respond on a same day basis.

If you are interested in discussing our non-executive director’s services in more detail please contact us today.